Painting is one of the many tasks that people feel that they can do on their own. While that may be the case, we don’t feel that it’s one of the home improvement projects that people should try to do on their own. In today’s blog post, the team at Triangle Painting, the Top Rated Local ® Painting Company in Raleigh, is going to go over a few of the reasons that you absolutely want to leave painting projects to the pros. Let’s dive right in.

It’s Time Consuming

The rooms in your home always seem so much smaller when you are about to take on a painting project. It’s not until you’re about halfway through the painting process that you realize just how time-consuming it is to paint the interior of your house. Most painting projects will require, at the very least, a couple of days to complete. So, if you are someone with a busy schedule or you genuinely value your days off, hiring the professionals is the way to go.


When we ask people why they decide to paint the interior of their house on their own, money is always a point that comes up. Even though it may feel like you’re saving money by choosing to paint on your own, the reality is that you spend plenty of money purchasing materials simply because painting materials aren’t a common household item. When you add in the cost of the paint, the materials that you wind up purchasing, and the time that you spend completing this project, you’ll find you spend so much more than you would have hiring a professional.


The interior of your home is something that you’re going to look at every single day, so it makes sense that you’d want it to look beautiful. With that in mind, the results of most do-it-yourself projects end up lacking in quality. For starters, there are certain techniques that are used to provide the quality results that our clients love. Second, as we mentioned earlier, about halfway through the painting project most people realize just how time-consuming this task is, which is why you can start to notice that the quality of the project lacks towards the end. 

Less Mess

A major concern that most homeowners have when painting their own house, and even when hiring someone else to do it, is that they’re going to spill paint or make a mess. Even though it may be nerve-wracking to trust people you don’t know to not mess up your home, it’s important to remember that these people are professionals. Our years of experience have helped us learn how to best protect a room, what techniques can get messy, which materials help avoid a mess, and so much more. So, rather than finding yourself in a situation where you’re scraping paint off your hardwood floors, let our team bring our knowledge and experience to your house and get the job done with so much less mess.

Avoid the Hassle

The painting process alone can be draining, but that’s not the only way that painting projects can be a hassle. From moving all of your furniture to draping the floor so that no paint gets on your belongings, doing a good job at painting can be an absolute hassle. Rather than factor in all of the time it’ll take to prepare the room for the painting, the painting itself, and moving everything back, let a team of professionals handle it for you! 

No Wrangling Kids or Pets

Let’s face it, these cuties that help make a house a home can be a handful at times. The moment that you’re working on a painting project is one of them. While the desire that your little ones have to help is sweet, it’s unfortunate that they can’t really help you get the job done. Aside from that, pets that are running in and out of the room can make for a hectic day. To top it all off, when you’re the one that’s in charge of the painting project, you also have to wrangle the kids and dogs up so they’re not making a mess or getting into the paint. If this doesn’t sound like an experience you’d like to sign up for, then you definitely want to call a professional to help you out with your painting project. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did for this reason alone.

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